Kiki Smith in conversation with Dr. Lois Oppenheim at the New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. May 11, 2011 7:30-9:30 PM.

Suzanne Moore "I Myself Have Seen It" (a book by a friend of Kiki's that Kiki talked about)

"I'm not interested in making things personally about myself."

"It's curiosity driven."

"I'm morose - I have a melencholic capricorn nature."

"I wanted to make a pieta image with my cat so I had myself photographed nude with my cat."

"My cat told me half of what to do. In my dreams, my cat told me what to do."

"I've lived in places with ghosts and I don't appreciate it."

"Its not only collaborating with other people, it's also collaborating with the universe."

"I'm not owned by commerce."

"Degas's bronzes were made after his death."

Q: "Do you have influences?"
A: "No! I don't feel seperate from anything. All creativity is our inheritance."

"Decorative art and medieval art are a big influence. The belief in those things is important to me."

Stevie Smith "Not Waving But Drowning"

"My father was the sculptor Tony Smith and my two sisters and I helped him make his work. We just worked in the living room."

"In a printshop you get to use the expertise of the people who work there but also, they do the clean-up."

"I go to a foundry and there are 20 guys grinding my metal and I say, "Hey guys."

"The skin is an envelope and is as open as outer space."

"I lived in a five floor walk up. So everything then was light weight."

"Your art is like your army. It's your moat."

"Deborah Gantz and I made a window together. We designed a window. It's the first synagogue in America."

Anki's Q: "How did you get to make art full time? Was it scary?"
Kiki's A: "I came to New York in 1976. My pretend logic is that I was at home making my stuff and then Michel Foucault and the other French philosophers caught on and the AIDS epidemic happened and my work just caught on in that moment. I feel like - if my work hadn't caught on when it did, it never would have because I'm kind of just out there on my own trip. So I feel really fortunate."