Lisa Yuskavage in conversation with Alexi Worth at the New York Studio School. Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

"I'm always curious to know what other people see (in my work) because I might like it."

"Sometimes I add a color to the lead ground so that I'm starting with a tone to work with. I like to be by myself when I'm painting."

"The dumbest simple reading is lesbianism. Symbiosis - there are many kinds. Parasitical - bad for one person. -+ Mutualism - two creatures benefit from each other. ++, Zero-Zero, and Minus-Minus. I'll do it and then start thinking about it - and try to open it up more."

"I'm as surprised by their presence as anybody. I invented these creatures in the hills in order to have them looking back at you."

"It's important to me to make it simple."

"The beauty of nobody liking your work is that you can just fuck the void. Just like - fuck you! Eat me! I dare you to own this painting!"

"One of the teachers at Yale who was very helpful was Mel Bochner who said my paintings were very illustrational and that I needed to understand the difference between an illustration and a painting. And you know - that's a life long project."

"Let's call it fictional."

"The models I use are low not high. And the painting has to bring them up."

"There was a long period when I didn't want to work from my head. I tried not to work from my imagination. Working synthetically became important to me."

"I love the Art Journal. An article in 95' about smoking and painting."

"You have to make your weakness your strength. Because we all suck compared to what came before us. You can't try to be Raphael now - because you will fail miserably."

"You often hear students say "Everything sucks!" Then the obvious question is - well - what are you doing to change things?"

"Coffee is not interesting to me. Tea is interesting. Like in Alfred Hitchcock."

"The only things that are original are the things you screw up."